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Artist: AJW AKA The Great Mandini

We all know the old adage “When that cats away, the mice will play.” Well , When Johns away.

So this is inspired by my brother in-law, who has an odd habit of wearing my sisters under things on his head as if they are a hat & Sherlocks playful side.  In my mind Sherlock views them as his thinking cap but would never ever let John catch him in it, Because he simply would never hear the end of it. And really what John doesn’t know won’t hurt him. ;)

Side notes: This is a variant on my original idea, but John just kept turning into a weird flesh toned alien  and that is just unacceptable. Despite all of that I’m actually quite happy with it because I haven’t painted anything in over a year. that fact alone murders my soul, you have know idea. And I don’t have a pair of mens under things in my house and my guy friends refused to let me take photo’s of them wearing their own on there head, so just had to wing it and that doesn’t always pan out for me.

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