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And odds thing that I observed a few days ago

So I was sitting in the car with Cami and I came to realize that I have a thing for male characters whose names and in Ri.
I mean I love Ori like love that boy, just want to keep him and pet his head all day while he’s writing. And I love Mori-sempi that boy can make me giggle all day long. I’m sure there’s more and I’m just spacing on them at the moment but it gets me wondering about myself. Like if I meet a guy in the real world whose name ended in Ri would I instantly love them as well? Is that a thing that could happen?


Day 12 - Your favorite animated movie——- oooh that is hard, ask anyone who knows me. They all know I really enjoy animation. I went to school for it for nine months only to find that I don’t have the patients for it. I thought I was going to implode.  But my favorite classic animated is a tossup between Aristacat and 101 Dalmatians. CG animated is either Magamind or How to Train your Dragon. Stop motion is a tough one I really do love The Pirates! A Band of Misfits and ParaNorman.

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